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it is the lily of the valley. Agapanthus africanus, a flower that comes from any southern African plant of the aroid genus Zantedeschia, esp. Z. aethiopica, which has a white funnel-shaped spathe enclosing a yellow spadix.

This beauty, originated from Africa, continously thrives in achieveing beauty from all areas of life. Once sniffed, the individual can go in to a euphoric state which results in feeling elated.

They can be addictive, but truly worth it.
Dude! I like, love sniffing Müge!

Ive gotta a tattoo of Müge on my arm.

Bob sounds upset today, we should get him Müge so he would feel better.
by Carrot7 April 03, 2008

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Kabir is a cross between new and old world monkeys. Resembling bartungas, they originate from Africa, but resembles looks of Mexican breeds.

They range in size of gorillas, Some are arboreal (living in trees) while others live in Stirling and Coogee; diets differ among the various Kabir's but may contain any of the following: fruit, leaves, seeds, nuts, flowers (lillies), insects, spiders, eggs, arms and small animals.

Some characteristics are shared between most apes, butt scratching, butt sniffing, butt tickling and dancing in pantries.

The are lovable, and often likes to dress in space suits.
The first monkey in space was Albert II who flew in the US-launched V2 rocket in June 14, 1949. The second space monkey is Kabir! Man what a cool monkey!

Kabir stole my giant donuts! and its now in the Palm tree!
by Carrot7 April 04, 2008

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