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Meth'd-Up is a play on Messed-Up. Used in a loving way to poke fun at a meth addict who is messing up or who demonstrates messed-up behavior.
Boy that Carrie sure is Meth'd-Up!

Where's My Precious? It's time to get Meth'd-Up!
by Carrie's Carrying January 8, 2021
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What a meth addict calls their special bag containing their meth pipe and methamphetamine. It's a reference to that special relationship that Gollum had with the one ring of power in The Lord of the Rings.
I'm not Meth'd-Up! Where's My Precious!

Don't look in the bag Josh!

I can't get pregnant... This baby is mine!

Carrie does not look like Gollum. Ok, well, maybe a little.
by Carrie's Carrying January 8, 2021
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