2 definitions by Carl Mitchell

A car driven by rich people, so what , big deal, i cant stand to see them anymore

spoiled asshole drives a beemer
my buddy drove up in a new beemer and i wanted to punch his eyes out

Hey, big deal, so what, yeah its a nice car, i aint jealous jerry
by Carl Mitchell September 6, 2006
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The car that every rich douche has. People who drive BMW are arrogant and spoiled. If you own a BMW and are under 25 youre a spoiled fuckin brat.

The old guys who are drivin BMW are pricks. They act like they are the shit and try to run over everyone on the road.

Look at me , im a fucking trust fund baby
bmw:The car that SPOILED assholes get.
Watch out or I might smash that stupid thing up then you wont have nothin, Fuckin stupid
by Carl Mitchell September 6, 2006
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