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Someone who has to go poop more than once in an eight hour shift of work.This person also times his poops during the busiest time of the day.
Boss:What is taking so long to get these cars washed?

Peon:Sorry sir but,you have me paired up with Captian Browneye.

Boss:Paging Capt.Browneye
by Captian Stooley March 19, 2006
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Someone that finds the time to draw a gang sign, phone number,or dumb joke on a bathroom stall wall.These characters will use anything to write there feelings.These mediums could be marker,fingernails,keys,or lighters.
Peon:Oh my gosh boss it looks like one of those toilet taggers wrote all over the stalls.
Boss:Well you better get the off colored spraypaint.
Example 1:Horny: For a good time call Ralph #.
Example 2:Poetic: People that write on bathroom walls.Roll there shit in little balls.People that read these words of wit.Eat those little balls of shit.
Example 3:Toughguy: My gang will kick yo gangsises assess gee.
by Captian Stooley March 19, 2006
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