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Slang for McDonald's chicken nuggets. Available in four, ten, twenty, and fifty pieces. Often used by young adults or creepy old people trying to seem young.
Young adult: "Let's hit up Mickey D's and grip up some C Nuggs."

Creepy Old Person: "Son, would you like to head on over to that there McDonald's Hamburger Restaurant and purchase some of those 'C Nuggs' you and your 'homies' are always eating?"
by CaptainRooster February 17, 2011
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To attempt to eat as many McDonald's chicken nuggets as your body can handle in one sitting. Often purchased in boxes of twenty or fifty to accommodate the individuals level of food intake ability.
Man 1: "I don't feel so well."

Man 2: "Oh really? Why not?!"

Man 1: "I was up all night C Nuggin, took down two fifty pieces."
by CaptainRooster February 17, 2011
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