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Josh's tend to love Panda's They can also be either bisexual or straight. They are usually quiet, content and are so chill about everything. Anything they do makes them look cool. Sometimes they can be major assholes but they always apologize or feel bad about it later. They are easy to forgive because of their good looks and charm. Josh's can be found at the mall, skateboarding or playing video games. Some are hot pieces of ass that girls can't keep their hands off of. Others are just Josh. They can be total vagina magnets and they tend to attract unwanted stalkers to them. They are just that great.

The names of their girlfriends usually start with the Letter K.
Stalker1: OMG! IT'S JOSH, HE'S SITTING AT THAT TABLE. ^-^ <3 <3 <3
Stalker2: OH...oh, he's sitting with his girlfriend.
Stalker3: fuck. ;-;

Josh: -Idgaf.-
GirlfriendWho'sNameStartsWithK: Dumb bitches. :D
Josh: -Walking all cool through the mall-
-See's Panda shirt-
Oh fuck! A Panda! Woo, Panda!
by CaptainPoptart June 18, 2011
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