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a Grotesque form of torture and execution practiced by the vikings. The victim's ribs were severed near the spine and the ribs were spread out in a pattern that resembled the wings of an eagle. Salt was often poured into the dying victms wounds.
the Orkneyinga saga contains a famous account of the Blood eagle
by Capt_Capacitor April 19, 2005

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A kickass Finnish Techno-Industrial band.
Turmion Katilot's music is featured in the flash bunnykill
by Capt_capacitor August 20, 2005

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a popular Nazi rally cry. Translated to english, it means "hail to victory!"
the nazis kept screeming sieg heil at their rally
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005

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the kind of person who does crazy and shocking things for attention

see also Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville
those guys are such attention whores
by Capt_Capacitor April 25, 2005

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In Cryptography, An Algorithm or method for encrypting a message
the Caesar cipher, is an encryption technique that was used by the Romans
by Capt_Capacitor April 11, 2005

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(Fusil Automatique, Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne)

A French made assult weapon, uses a bullpup configuration and because of its apperance, French soldiers have nicknamed it "le Clairon" or "the bugle"
ze FA MAS is a good weapon yes?
by Capt_Capacitor February 16, 2005

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the blade of the famous Nepalese Ghurka soldiers. The knife features a broad, single edged curved blade. It is also rumored that a Ghurka must always draw blood when unsheathing his Khukuri.
The Khukuri blade sliced deep into the Chineese soldier's neck
by Capt_Capacitor April 17, 2005

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