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A city trying it's best to be as good as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver before it's oil runs out and it turns into Canada's first Detroit. Bunch of red neck wannabes walking around in their cowboy hats eating beef and fattening up like the grease pigs they are. In the middle of nowhere, only talked about because they have oil. To bad Alberta couldn't start drilling for class and style 2 things missing from this bubble soon to burst. Claim to be Canadian but act more like a bunch of racist whities from Texas. SUV loving, freeway driving, suburban dwelling, city sprawling, environment raping, meat swallowing, air polluting, cowboy riding, animal abusing bunch of Hillbillies.
Calgary is the biggest waste of time.
by CapatainWestward July 25, 2006
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Small food you can plop in your mouth. And food small enough to eat in one bite.
Sally had a nice spread of cheese, crackers, and tasty mouth ploppers.
by CapatainWestward November 09, 2017
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