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Attacking a mob in a MMORPGthat has already been engaged in combat. Usually for the purpose of obtaining looting rights over another individual or group.

Often a tactic used by a griefer to annoy other players.
You tried to kill-steal Peter Lee again, but failed miserably.

That guild of griefers keeps trying to kill-steal when we spawn mercs.
by camb November 18, 2003
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An LG Slaying manwhore known to prowl across gay, small, pulpmill filled towns. He has never dated a woman over the age of 12 and is known to have discovered the sasQUATCH. Just to have loud kinky buttsex inside of its chest cavity.
Andrew Quatch wanted to try out something tricky tonight, like licking eachothers buttholes.
by CamB January 04, 2013
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