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A talented young singer.
Perri grew up in Pennsylvania, and at the age of sixteen taught herself to play the guitar. At twenty-one, she moved to Los Angeles, and married, but then divorced eighteen months later. She moved back to Pennsylvania, where she wrote "Jar of Hearts", the song that made her famous.
"Jar of Hearts" was featured on "Glee" and "So You Think You Can Dance". It was #28 on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs, and #63 on Billboard's Hot 100, much lower than it deserves.
Her debut album, Lovestrong, came out on May 10, 2011. Its lead single, "Arms", received peaked at #94 on Billboard.
Her songs have been called "depressing", simply because most people are used to listen to crap like LMFAO where the meaning is simply "go out and party and fuck people". Her songs are beautiful, and often have much meaning to them.
She is going to release a song for the movie, "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" titled "A Thousand Years".
Christina Perri's songs are very meaningful, "Arms" is about a fight between her heart and her mind, "Jar of Hearts" is about finally realizing that her ex had been fooling her, "The Lonely" is about a time when she felt simply alone in the world.
by Calla Nightshade October 15, 2011

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Amanda "AJ" Michalka is a member of the duo 78violet, formerly Aly & AJ. I actually prefer her vocals to those of Aly, I think her voice is somewhat smoother. She recorded a single for the move "Secretariat". She was once a model for catalogs.
She has been featured in various movies, such as "Super 8" and "The Lovely Bones", and can play a variety of instruments.
Amanda Michalka has a lovely voice, pity that only Alyson gets attention. It would be nice to see her record a solo albums.
by Calla Nightshade October 15, 2011

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