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a number that, when raised to the x power, is the derivative and antiderivative of itself.

d(e^x)/dx = e^x, sucka.
?(e^x)dx = e^x + C. Holla at calculus, biotch.

e can be represented by the infinite series 1+1/1!+1/2!+1/3!+1/4!.....

e is the base for natural logarithms.

the e root of e has a higher value than any number in the form of "n root of n." (approximately 1.44467)

e to the square root of negative pi (an imaginary number) amazingly equals -1, a real number.

To the 9th decimal place is 2.718281828.
e is a cool number. It's almost as cool as a hoobajoob.
by Calculicious December 20, 2003

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The integral, or antiderivative, is the basis for integral calculus. It tells you the area under a curve, with the base of the area being the x-axis. Its symbol is what shows up when you press alt+b on the keyboard. It can also be written as d^-1y/dx^-1. The process of finding an integral is known as integration or antidifferentiation.
The antiderivative of sin x from x=0 to x=2<pi> is 2.
The antiderivative of sin x without boundaries is -cos x. (?sin x dx = -cos x)
by Calculicious December 20, 2003

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