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Mercedes-Benz AMG F1 driver, Valtteri Bottas being told by the team's race strategist, James Vowles to let his teammate Lewis Hamilton to take the lead of the 2018 Russian Grand Prix to increase the advantage in the championship standing by 3 points. This movement became very controversial as Bottas was seen as robbed a race win in spite of his effort putting himself on pole position during qualifying on Saturday by team orders, benefiting Lewis Hamilton. At the end of the season, Bottas was the first Mercedes driver who didn't win a race since Michael Schumacher in 2012.

Background aside, numbers of memes we're created from these controversial decisions of team orders.
*Bottas pushing with fresh ultrasoft tires*
James: "Valtteri, it's James. Please hold position. I'm sorry."
Bottas: "Copy James" *cries*
by Cal Grande December 23, 2018

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