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UltraSoft was/is a popular Door Game producer for BBS systems of all types and for Telnet operations. Also known as UltraSoft-Online in more recent times, due to the Internet. They began producing an advanced genre of Door Games in the late 80s and throughout most of the 90's, featuring graphic animation and sound effects, something seldom seen before, in that type of BBS-related software.

UltraSoft was featured in books like 'BBS Secrets" from IDG Publishing and others, and in BBS Related articles and on a number of software CDs. A few of the Door Games they produced were Top Ranked Boxing, Animated Backgammon, and Saratoga Raceway. There is also a Drag Strip Game and a High-Speed Indianapolis Oval Track Racing Game.

Since that time they still upgrade their doorgames for BBS systems on Telnet, but also produce a variety of shareware programs for other platforms, such as Windows 95 up through Vista.

It's my understanding they still have at least one primary web site, if not more, where files can be downloaded. I don't have a URL handy though.

Saratoga Raceway Door Game for Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)
UltraSoft Top Ranked Boxing BBS Door Game
UltraSoft Animated Backgammon BBS Door Game
Indy Speedway BBS Door Game
by Mark Hampton October 25, 2007
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