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A rare disease that targets less than five percent of the world population. This disease isn't easily spotted and flares up occasionally with physical signs sometimes showing. Awareness for this disease has increased substantially in 2020 with the support of famous twitch streamers-more specifically by the twitch streamer SteveSuptic. This disease can elevate to stage two-CCOTC, and is a serious matter. The disease is short for corn on the cob and if you have read this far, it is a made up disease with the previous description as the false description Steve has created. COTC is a bit he does to new players that join his lobbies. Corn on the cob might not be so serious, but candy corn on the cob is no laughing matter.
Steve: I couldn't focus on the round because of my COTC
Rando: Im so sorry. Try to take it easy.
Steve: I'll try but my COTC is really flaring up right now.

Rando: I'm really sorry. I don't know what COTC is but I hope you're ok
Steve: Do you really not know what COTC is?
Rando: I don't, sorry. What is it?
Steve: .... Are you serious? You're joking right? *chuckle*
Rando: ...
Steve: .... *sad tone* oh, you really don't know... *silence
Rando: ...
Steve: It's short for corn on the cob.
by COTCsurvivor December 20, 2020
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