2 definitions by CMarcusDiMarco

The mating call of a particularly hilarious Asian gentleman.
John Suzuki: MYAP!

Bystander 1: What was that glorious sound in all of its brevity?!
Bystander 2: Oh, that's just his mating call. He's Asian.
Bystander 1: Now, THAT'S a funny guy!
by CMarcusDiMarco January 09, 2014
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The act of attempting to engage others in meaningful conversation while they are either sleeping or trying to fall asleep.
Allen: Hey, Marcus, what time are we going golfing Friday? Also, are you still willing to go? I know how things have been rough for you lately and just wanted to ask.

Marcus: Bro, I have class in less than 8 hours. Stop owling.
by CMarcusDiMarco October 23, 2011
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