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Some guy who accused spaceuk of cheating in slaughterhouse (#1 on the demonlist at the time) in 2021, while few people (myself included) thought they were 100% true, many others were calling them a liar and criticized the hell out of them which lead to them leaving geometry dash, it wasn’t until Paqoe (A former gd player and demonlist moderator i think) looked at spaceuk’s completions more carefully and on April 2023 spaceuk admitted to hacking every extreme demon after wasureta.
So to the people (who haven’t done so already) who criticized Kolo and called them a liar to GO FUCKING APOLOGIZE!!
Kolo GD was right all along
by CCGamer14 August 20, 2023
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1. The person who wrote this.

2. A youtuber who does gulag memes and ytp’s.
Idk what to put for CCGamer
by CCGamer14 October 13, 2021
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The word that almost every ytp uses
by CCGamer14 April 4, 2022
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