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1. Totally unnessesary and disgusting urination done in public.
2. Disrespectful and despicable behavior performed by washing a warm corpse in urine.
3. Bravado held in high esteem by American armed forces that involves group urination videos to prove that you didn't get an erection while committing murder.
Hey Sarge! You see that dead rag-head I just shot. Lets get the guys together and give him a dead pisser. Grab a camera Bubba.
I was at the dead pisser and gave a Arab a mouthful to gargle on. Know what I'm sayin.
A dead pisser is nothing compared to Vietnam when we did stiff gook rimming. Got a Polaroid somewhere.
by CATSASS11 January 12, 2012

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1. Act performed by politicians in the day to day business of pretending to govern.
2. Employed in business sector to evoke questions of intellectual capacity, integrity and competence.
3. Smart-alec behavior in any meeting format deemed useless.
Went to a meeting at work today but everyone was just playing silly bugger so I left early.
The Minister of Health was giving a press briefing but it turned out to just be a game of silly bugger while dodging the press questions.
The telemarketer phoned at dinner so I played silly bugger by giving them your information. Hope you don't mind.
by CATSASS11 October 03, 2010

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Similar to a trouser snake but usually employed while standing in a small fishing boat with oars. Primarily involves hanging a freshly caught fish out of the fly of your pants while swearing and giving the finger to passing motor boats.
Hey a-holes check this!! Kiss my trouser trout!! You noisy buggers are scaring the fish.
by CATSASS11 October 03, 2010

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