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To Thurs is to ejaculate.

Originally coined in 2004 by a very strange NYU student who looked vaguely like a cross between Pauly Shore and Steve Gutenberg, you have to know from that alone that Thurs has its own set of almost nauseating connotations.

When Thurs is pronounced, it is to be pronounced with a lisp... Thurth... That alone lets you know how good it feels.

I am going to Thurs on your face/ hair/ back/ stomach/ bed/ sofa/ dog/ kitchen table/ ass/ mom/ eyes/ dignity/ carpet/ tissue/ roommate/

I Thursed all over this sweatshirt.

I was tryng to hold it but I Thursed all over myself.

Cummon baby let my Thurs in your mouth.

Bust a thurs?

Would you like sugar and thurs in your coffee?
by CALM and company November 30, 2006

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