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A drinking game: On the show Acient Aliens, you drink every time the narrator says "ancient astronaut theorists". If the "ancient astronaut theorist" is from DeVry University, you drink twice.
Narrator: "Ancient astronaut theorists believe that...
Host: "Drink!"

Narrator: "In 10 years, ancient astronaut theorists from DeVry University will have achieved..."
Host: "Drink twice!"
by C17H21NO October 07, 2013
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When one focuses on all the little misfortunes in day-to-day life, misfortunes that should be dismissed, all day long which causes you turn into a bitchy douchebag. It is most common for one to bitch about plans not consisting of exactly what they want them to.
T: "I was out with B all day and he shot down everything I wanted to do so we could go do what he wanted"
A: "Ahh, the Brett Effect"
by C17H21NO July 27, 2011
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Overtrip: to wake up the next day still on a trip from the previous day/night.

Often caused by crashing really early or taking abnormally high amounts of (whatever drug you take to make you trip).
Friend: Dude, whatsup with you?
You: Man! I'm overtrippin'!
by C17H21NO January 17, 2008
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