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The type of person who is usually loud, somewhat obnoxious, tries to be friends with everybody, always wants to 'fistbump' or some other variation of that, and makes up a lot of stupid catch-phrases. Usually of the male gender. Note: Toathians seem to be especially common at school, but some can also be seen at the workplace or out in public. Also, they often enjoy playing xbox (mostly only in their stages of early development, although some can carry this trait to adulthood), and sports.
Toathian: Yooo, Noah! What's goin' oooonn, brahh? Fistbuuuump! Fistbuuuuuuump! That's it brosef, bringin' it home!

Other guy: Yeah, sure, whatever you say.
by C-Miller August 27, 2010
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A bag filled with gross, unwanted food mixed together into a foul smelling mush. USually left to rot for a few days or more, or occasionally smashed onto the ground a few minutes after making it. For the people who made it, testing how bad the B.O.T (Bag Of Tricks) smells before either hiding it away to let it rot, or smashing it somewhere. Sometimes called a 'magic potion', especially when made inside of a bottle.
Get that fucking bag of tricks away from me, it smells horrible.
by C-Miller September 20, 2010
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