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The kind of person who freaks out yelling "Back door!" at the bus driver because they can't figure out how to open the back door. Usually they assume they are trapped and begin to panic. This is caused by being incredibily stupid, or simply because they've never been on a bus before.
Passenger: Back door!
Driver: Press the yellow strip
Passenger: It's not working! Ahh!
Driver: Bus Noob.
by C-92 January 16, 2010
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The amazing feat of having all your buses on your itinerary connect with perfect timing. Involves running from bus to bus in quick succession because they just keep appearing everytime you get off a bus. As a standard, you need at least two hops to call it bus hopping, the more you've hopped, the more awesome it becomes.
Bob: (as he's stepping off a bus) There's our bus, run!
Rob: This is the third bus we've caught like this!
Bob: Have you never heard of bus hopping?
by C-92 January 16, 2010
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