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Someone who thinks that all his problems are someone else’s fault, instead of realizing he is the cause of most of his problems. See dumb-shit
If ciriuz would think critically, he would certainly be better off than he is now.
by ByebyeDems December 11, 2003
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Wrong definition: The most devoted fan.
Oh, they are the most devoted fans, yet most of the home games are blacked out? Hey, I see enough rader jackets on San Pablo Blvd to fill the stadium up, I wonder why they arn't at the game?
Correct definition: Loosers in the game of life, though always blame others for their own problems (see ciriuz).
Prisoners, people with double digit IQs,
by ByeByeDems January 07, 2004
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The Gayest of gay. The definition of Gay in the dictionary. Super gay.
Bluesman sure is gay.
by ByeByedems May 28, 2004
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