4 definitions by ByblowMe6482

When two or more guys put their schlongs into a female's anal cavity and get feces on their manhood and slap their poop covered dicks together simultaneously
Me and John were so wasted that we stuck our penises in Heather's ass and slapped our shitty dicks together simultaneously. We call it the poopdick patty-whack!
by ByblowMe6482 September 13, 2009
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1). A hole in a keg for drawing in or pouring out liquids
2). A derogatory term for the anus
3). A name for an idiot
1). Hey man, get off the bunghole, I want some beer too!
2). Lick my bunghole!
3). Hey Beavis, that dude's a bunghole
by ByblowMe6482 January 29, 2009
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A person with limited mentality, looking up in the air with his hand on his chin. Sometimes gets in trouble with the law. Just a simple minded fool.
A man walking in Hoboken Terminal with his hand on his chin saying "PACK O' MARLBORO!" is a Spottoncrotch.

A spottoncrotch just pissed in the hand washing basin. He said he thought it was a urinal!
by ByblowMe6482 January 29, 2009
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Maple fever is where a man/woman has a sexual attraction to a person of Canadian descent.
So, you have a thing for Canadian girls, eh? Got the Maple Fever do ya boy?
by ByblowMe6482 October 14, 2015
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