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1) ONLY drives pick-up trucks.
2) watches Nascar because it is an all-redneck event.
3) thinks the national flag of the United States is the Confederate flag.
4) a person who votes or runs for the Republican party.
5) think the white race is superior to every other race in the world.
6) thinks the world consists of the USA, Mexico, are water, monsters and evil-doers.
7) has sex with his mother, sister and brother.
8) works in a garage.
9) belongs in the south.
10) a member of the NRA.
11) thinks the United States is a country by and for whites.
12) does not know that white people are of European race.
13) grows a goatee, often with a shaved head.
14) has no knowledge of world events and does not care, aka the average American.
15) anyone who associates with the term all-American.
That redneck can't even point to Iraq on the map.
by Bush-basher August 05, 2003
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