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Someone who refuses to participate in an activity.
Brandon help us out over hear!!!
-umm...no...i dont feel like it.
UHH, What a KLB!
by Buniqua Jackson December 06, 2006

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The alternative of the phrase. "I am going to" Often used by negresses including but not limited too Beyonce, Ashanti, and Rihana. It is often used in song lyrics and by people who talk in a hurry. Oma has done wonders for the R & B music industry.
Oma let you check up on it, check on me tonight - Beyonce
Oma put some ketchup on it, eat dem fries tonight - Steve

Oma go to the video store, and pick up a movie. (informational tone)

Oma cut u bitch. (angry)
or I am going to cut you, bitch. (angry but not as effective

Don't mess wit Shaniqua or oma pop a cap.
by Buniqua Jackson December 04, 2006

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