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'Kumbaya' is a pejorative slang term which can be used as a noun or an adjective.


A person, usually in the West today, who shallowly and superficially cites a multitude of creeds or religions, usually Buddhism and Christianity, then pretends to be a spiritual guru and role model.


A term used to describe something or an action as spiritually ignorant, and superficial and shallow.


Term based off of the song 'Kumbaya', from 1957, which was 'borrowed' from Southern, African American song 'Come By Here' from 1927.
Noun: "These spoiled 'kumbayas' in the West today can't see that their own needy and cosmopolitan lifestyles are at the root of all the problems they blame others for."

Adj: "I really don't need your shallow 'kumbaya' nonsense right now."
by Bulrock November 5, 2019