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1.In spanish (mainlyin mexico), the male version of "puta", meaning whore or slut.
2. Derrogatory term meanning coward, gay (as in faggot, pussy, sissy).
That puto gringo thinks cancun is part of the USA, he comes back and we'll fuck him like the puto he is.
by Bujinkanman December 10, 2006

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American, from the USA. The term comes from the american intervention in mexico in the late eighteen hundreds. Term derives from the popular phrase "green go home" yelled to american troops because of their green uniforms. It does not mean "white" or "caucasian" it is a derrogatory term depending on the context.
Gringa: female gringo. In mexico city it is a dish of shepherd style pork and cheese in aflour tortilla topped with coriander onion and pineapple.
It would suck to be a gringo, everyone in the world would hate you.

Pinches gringos me la pelan! Son unos pendejazos!!

Me da dos gringas y una coca? Ca I have two gringas and a coke?
by Bujinkanman December 10, 2006

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