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A form of arguing when you take the most decisive evidence, sound thinking, and non-debatable logic, and promptly debunk it in the most uncreative, asinine, and ass-backwards way possible without even thinking.

Developed by Quercus Alba, an ambassador for a foreign country, when he was accused of a double-murder on American soil. When questioned and presented with completely undeniable logic and evidence, Alba simply said that they were wrong. He was found not guilty.
Cop: You're fingerprints are on the murder weapon, the victim's blood is on your coat, a witness says you did it.

Accused: Nopes. They're wrong.

by Bugsy McGee May 8, 2011
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A joke in which the object is to take a common word that ends in the sound "er" and add "I hardly know her!" after it for comedic effect. The end result is a sentence that can be perceived as a sexual innuendo or some other joke but oftentimes makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Very few words that end in "er" make the sentence actually plausible, but there are a few notable examples as described in the examples section.

It is frowned upon to use professions or adjectives such as "Baker" or "Taller" as they can be considered cheating and anyone who uses them clearly has no imagination. Words such as "Toaster" or "Thriller" are acceptable, and names like "Lauer" are also acceptable.

The goal of the joke is to find a word ending with the sound "er". That being said, the word itself doesn't necessarily have to end with the letters "er". There are some cases where it ends in "re". "Creature" and "Tire" are some notable exceptions. These are acceptable.
"Binder? I hardly know her!"

"Sewer? I hardly know her!"

Phil: Sam, will you pass me that bottle of liquor?
Sam: Liquor? I hardly know her!
by Bugsy McGee February 25, 2011
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