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One of the worst women ever to exist.

You can't write a book without going through some kind of process. Stephenie Meyer had a dream and wrote it down. There was no research, no drafts, and no effort. Her characters are two dimensional, not relatable, and the main character has no personality.

A book isn't original when it's the oldest love story to have ever existed. Not only is it a bad copy of Romeo and Juliet, it's also a bad copy of Buffy and Angel.

Stephenie Meyer beat the meaning of women's rights over the head with a big stick over and over again until it was just laying there twitching. Stephenie Meyer refuses to let Bella help herself and learn to fight for her life. So instead she has Edward and Jacob save Bella's ass every time a vampire comes their way. Stephenie Meyer dug up the idea that females are dumb and can't do crap on their own.

The Twilight books have spawned an evil race of females called Twihards. Twihards tend to have the spelling skills of a carrot, don't know good literature, and are under the impression that vampires are sparkly douchebags. They will usually defend Stephenie Meyer to the death although their only comeback is "Go fook urself bich!"

Stephenie Meyer has such thin skin she can't even take criticism. Stephenie Meyer has her own brother filter out her hate mail that way she only reads emails from her rabid fangirls. She doesn't know the meaning of having flaws and doesn't understand that more people hate her than look up to her.
Twihard: OMG STEPHENIE MEYER IS SOOOOO AMAEZING@!!! Vapyres spracklig is genus!!/ All u haturz can bakk off cuz imma use meh vampye powers on u!!!! Twilit gav m vampir powerz!!

Real vampire fan: Have you seen Let Me In? It's one of my favorite movies so far!
Real vampire fan #2: Yeah, it was good, but the original is better.
by BuffyTheSlayer38765233 October 26, 2011

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