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A warped philosophy embraced by many modern day women in the Western Hemisphere (Most notably the United States). It is the combination of the concepts of Feminism and Chivalry. Basically, a woman who subscribes to this methodology wants the man to pay for the date, buy her expensive trinkets including jewelry, clothes, shoes, etc, open doors, carry her luggage etc. She also wants to be treated equal to a man in terms of pay, social and economic power etc. The problem with this is that they want equality with men for things like money and power, but when it comes to things like being held accountable for making egregious mistakes and/or errors in judgement, she shrinks back and says "I'm a woman, you can't yell at me like a man!!!" In short, these women want the power that comes with being a man, the privilege that comes with being a woman, and the responsibility of NEITHER.
"DAMN!!!" That's her 5th baby by 5 guys!!! I tried to tell her to stop having bastard kids, and she told me I shouldn't yell at her like a man, even though she says she strong and independent!!! Damn Chivalrism!!!

"Oh Snap" She put Jon-Jon on Child Support. She's always talking about how strong and independent she is, but turns around and tries to take his paycheck. Can't she get a job since she's so damn strong?! Chivalrism is out of control!!!

"Crazy Bitch"!!! She makes the same amount of money that I do, but expects ME to take her out and buy her shit, but when I ask her for something, she tells me "A real man doesn't ask a women to get him anything, a REAL man can get his own shit!!! Chivalrism is CRAZY!!!
by Buckdodgers1974 June 11, 2012
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