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The sound made when something absolutely amazing happens, (cumming on a girls face, doing a perfect headshot on CSS, getting a hole-in-one in golf), to perfect this sound you must have a fairly deep voice and put all your power into it until your throat hurts!
Rob: Finally fucked that girl Alex last night, as i cummed over her tits i let out the greatest 'UMMM!' ever, i'm not gonna lie, IT WAS GOOD!
Adam: Thats what i like to hear!
by BrownusBearus August 03, 2010

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This is when you see people (mainly middle aged men) walking around an amateur golf range with all the equipment that has probably set them back a small fortune, however, they havent even played before and completely useless, yet they have still spent all that money.
Rob: Oi Dave, see that retard smash it into the bunker?
Dave: Yeah, guess hes another All gear, no idea hero....
by BrownusBearus July 25, 2010

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