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The M.A.C. System refers to a remarkably simple system that every male puts into effect at one time or another. The M.A.C. stands for:

M-Move in

In short, once one of your friends is done or broken up with a girl, you silently move in to support the girl in her time of dire need. Crushed and heartbroken, the girl will talk incessantly, but will eventually open up sexually. It can be noted that this system requires almost minimal effort and simply nodding and listening works, combined with a few hugs.

The M.A.C. System was made popular by Mac, a fictional character from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His system is highly underrated and deserves as much attention as the D.E.N.N.I.S. System.
Example #1

Dennis: "What is this swooping in business?"

Mac: "Oh that's my system,The MAC: Move in After Completion. I wait til you're done with them and then I swoop in, give them a shoulder to cry on, then we hump."

Dennis: "You've been humping these girls after I'm done with them?"

Mac: "Oh yeah dude! I'm swimming in your wake."

Example #2

Robert: "Hey, Charlie, you get laid this weekend?"

Charlie: "Yeah, Mike broke up with Holly on Thursday so I used The M.A.C. System on her and we made sweet, passionate love."

Robert: "No kidding? Bump it."
by Brocker V December 06, 2009
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This is when one experiences something so amazing that it stimulates the entire body, mind, and soul, from head to toe. It is truly rattling in one of the most pleasurable ways imaginable, and this phrase should be used sparingly and with utmost sincerity.
Example #1
Tony: "That was by far the best sex I've ever had."
Sally: "No kiddin', that was a Total Body Orgasm (TBO)!"

Example #2
Miles: "Hey Tyler, how's that chocolate molten lava cake treating you?"
Tyler: "...."
Tyler's Mother: "Miles, just look at Tyler. His eyes are rolled back, he's drooling, his body is trembling and his pants are clearly stained. Obviously, he is experiencing a Total Body Orgasm (TBO). Waiter, I'd like to order one of those delicious cakes as well!"
by Brocker V November 16, 2009
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When you've been having a heated, sweaty round of sex, this is the perfect thing you need to keep you going! Packed with electrolytes and energy to keep you going, what's not to love about it? Comes in ten different flavors.
Jill: "Can we stop, please? I just need some water. I'm just really dehydrated. I just need...I just need something with electrolytes..."
Hank: "Ah okay...Vagatorade!"
by Brocker V January 22, 2010
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