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When someone slightly lies, but doesn't exaggerate the truth enough so that it is actually impressive. Most commonly used to increase ones self esteem, but not exaggerating so much that it is unbelievable.
CJ: You seem smart, what math course are you in?
Ian: Calculus AB
* actually in honors calculus *
Jason: First, why would lying about his math course make him look cooler? Second, why wouldn't he just say he was in Calculus BC if he wanted to look impressive?
CJ: I guess he was just sacking
by Bro Code Vocab July 12, 2015

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Getting lucky with something, then claiming you expected it all along. Most commonly used when winning a bet. Person who poes usually tries to pull off the lucky circumstance as if nothing special had happened
Ben: I bet you $1,000 that I will get that random girl's phone number
CJ: Hah, you're too fat so she'll never in 1 million years say yes
* says yes *
Ben (po-ing so hard): Told ya
by Bro Code Vocab July 12, 2015

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