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Verb: To lounge in an extreme location or environment, as an art form or competition, often both.
This usually involves varying amounts of contemporary lounge furniture and general accoutrements for a comfortable lounge environment; drinks and snacks, etc.

By definition, it is better to engage in extreme lounging as a team exercise, although solo lounges have been observed, it has been proved to be not as socially fulfilling and generally unsatisfactory.
I heard those guys were so pumped after their all-nighter, they went extreme lounging up the top of the hill
by BrightDevil August 20, 2010
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Fictional unit of measurement, used as a test.
The Feltz is used in conversation, when one suspects other person(s) in said conversation have no idea what you are talking about, and are just agreeing with you because they do not want to look stupid, or they are generally just incompetent.
A positive Feltz is successfully dropped into a conversation unnoticed and unchallenged by other person(s), and positive confirmation of what you have said is received.

See also bullshit detector.
Person A:
"Yeah, I've checked with our technical manager, and he said that hanging bar won't cope with your projector equipment, as it's only rated at 50 Feltz.
You'll have to use this one instead"

Person B:
"Well, I can't argue with that, we'll have to make it work off this one"

This is an example of successful Feltz deployment.
by BrightDevil August 20, 2010
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euphemism: to have a lie-in or nap, and communicate this in such a manner to maintain looking professional.

to sleep, or laze when you should be busy, and to make yourself sound busy to management
person a: are you coming in to work in the morning?

person b: no, sorry, I'm fixing goldenscans in the morning.
by BrightDevil August 18, 2010
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