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A great state.
Beautiful lakes and sunsets, and grass.
Huge city of Detroit with the Tigers and Red Wings making things interesting, and bringing in things like the North American International Auto Show.
Maybe the auto industry is going downhill, but we're still the birthplace of the car.
Lots of beautiful snow, but warmer than Minnesota so you can actually play in it.

Two peninsulas (connected by the famous Mackinaw Bridge) so if you are sick of the city life you can just visit your own state, and basically visit a different world.
Home to a ton of great colleges, and some good jobs in the Advertising industry, and Chemical Engineering fields.
We also have great fruit, like the cherry festival and Michigan Apples!!
And where else can you show someone where you live by using your hand??
Oh Yeah! I'm from Michigan, right here!

Wait...that's your hand
by BridgeMich January 17, 2011
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