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n. v. adj. Inexplainable actions, thoughts, realizations, happenings,and objects that seem to develop both randomly and instantaneously.
Classical examples of Gwips:

- A bubble popping as they normally do is a Gwip. "The buble just went Gwip."

- Realizing that you are in fact not at all alive is a Gwip
"Oh my god, I'm alive (Gwip)."

- When any object either materializes and or dematerializes in seconds can be thought of as Gwipping. The object just started gwipping."

- The sudden experience of a newly formulated idea is characterized as a Gwip. "Gwip, I've got it."

- The instantaneous appearance of children in random locations are Gwips. "Look at all of those Gwips Jane."

- Reading a book or working and in turn producing a fact based understanding is a Gwip. "It just hit me. Gwip, Hamlet secretly loved his mother."
by Brian Fiore - Silfvast May 08, 2008
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