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Mig Migs are creatures that help make a video game (made by Brex Studios) run smoothly. By helping prevent bugs, and making sure every NPC is in the right place. The player will never see the Mig Migs, that is not their purpose. Mig Migs work behind the scenes 24/7 to make sure everything in all games to come from Brex Studios run smoothly. If you are ever to see a Mig Mig, you are to take a bottle of Code Red Mtn Dew, put it inside a spray bottle, remove cover panel of PC, and spray thoroughly, making sure to get the RAM, they like to hide in shame there, if seen. However, this is not enough, please report all sightings to Brex Mig Migs Helpline, so that the sighted Mig Mig can be... let go. If you are caught smuggling the Mig Migs outside of the game files, you will be cursed.
Make sure NOT to use Baha Blast when attempting to prevent a Mig Mig uprising, this will make them act inebriated
Mig Migs are really helpful!
by Brex1477 March 9, 2022
A phrase said by a condominium after a male orgasm
After he came, the condom screamed, I kid you not!
by Brex1477 April 12, 2022