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A gigantic, and beastly form of a clitoris that swallows everything including light. Similar to a black hole, it can also be identified to look similar to a victim of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Cluntoris should be avoided, as it will eat any man's genitalia who comes in contact with it. The odor of the Cluntoris resembles the odor left behind in the concentration camps of the Holocaust. Only a true man can overcome a Cluntoris during intercourse, and hump the monster into submission. Several men will come in contact with a Cluntoris, and ask themselves; "Is this a Cluntoris, or just a huge clit?", but by then, it is already too late. For you see, the Cluntoris can read your mind.
"Damn girl! On a first date? Alright then! Wait a second, what the hell is that?"
"(muffled screams)"
by Breet August 05, 2006

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The epitome of all lesbians. Comes with all the standard features, such as a plaid shirt, short hair and boots, but also wears an eyepatch.
Remember that tough looking guy you saw at the bar with one eye, and then realized it was actually a dykelops.
by Breet August 07, 2007

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