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A township on the northern border of Philadelphia that is home to about 50,000 people. Most the kids in Abington attend Abington High School. It is a middle-class township. It is most commonly referred to as A-town not 'bington. Kids from Abington usually binge drink and smoke weed on the weekend. You don't wanna mess with kids from A-town, they killed a kid from Fox Chase over a rumor. All the surrounding areas (Glenside, Jekintown, North Hills, Ardsley, Roslyn, Willow Grove, Upper Dublin, Upper Moreland, Lower Moreland, Fox Chase, Rockledge and Hatboro-Horsham) all wish they were as cool as Abington.
Abington Kid: Psh man stop yelling that gay shit, you ain't wanna mess with Abington.

Upper Dublin Kid 1: Hey you going to that party tonight?
Upper Dublin Kid 2: Nah man I heard an Abington crew was gonna be there, I'm not trying to get hurt.

Fox Chase Kid 1: Lets go to the Willow Grove Mall.
Fox Chase Kid 2: Nah man even though its in Willow Grove, Abington kids run that, were not well liked down there.
by BreakBank$2 February 16, 2009