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Being in a depressed state of mind after the Lord of the Rings film(s) end and you have to return to your own sh*t, boring life.
Guy: There's only one thing wrong with The Lord of the Rings; when it ends.

Guy 1: I watched lotr yesterday
Guy 2: Did you get post lord of the rings depression?
Guy 1: As always
by Branwell Jäger November 27, 2013
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A thought or realisation after ejaculation whereby you have, either, random or relevant thoughts due to your mind now thinking clearly without sexual hormones being active.
After sex:
Girl: Hey baby, what you thinking about?
Guy: I was wondering why Woody and Buzz were named after dildos.

Recollection of sex:
Guy 1: Did you have Post Ejaculation Thoughts?
Guy 2: Yeah, I realised I didn't want to be with her.
by Branwell Jäger November 23, 2013
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