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The infamous act of a girl getting fucked by a donkey cock, whilst paying gentlemen gather around and watch.
Davey and I want to go to Mexico to pick up some Rx's and see a donkey show, cause we'd love to see a girl who's in so much need of money or cock that she'd fuck a donkey.
by Bramble July 23, 2004

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1. The act of ejaculation
2. To incur severe physical damage by physical action or otherwise
3. The act of getting arrested
4. Used to describe a broken object
5. When something, usually an event, is a big let down.
6. A rundown building or location, usually one in the entertainment business.
1. It was the best handjob ever, i couldn't help but bust my load all over her face.
2. I'm about to bust a cap in yo ass; Bust his skull in!
3. Davey got busted for trying to buy alcohol with a fake I.D.
4. This TV's busted, call a repair man
5. That party was a total bust, I didn't get my dick sucked once!
6. I'm serious, that strip joint was a bust, the girls were ugly, the poles were dirty, and my vodka tasted like spit.
by Bramble July 23, 2004

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The act of pulling one's balls out and jamming them into someone's face. Along the same principal as a cock slap, but for those with larger balls than their penis.
Janey kept calling Todd names, so Todd ball jammed her and she shut the fuck up.
by Bramble July 12, 2004

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