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HyperTRIPilating - Verb - To 'trip' to the point that you can't breathe. A combination of the words 'tripping' and 'hyperventilating.' Although there are varying degrees of hypertripilating, a person who is truly hypertripilating has lost control to the point where they know they are about to screw up - but they just don't give a damn.
At the mere mention of the subject, Harriet responded with a barrage of obscenities. "Chill," said Marvin not wanting to go there, "you're hypertripilating, baby!"
by BrainstormPartner December 05, 2011

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–noun - Combination of the words 'blog' and 'editor.'

1. a person having managerial and sometimes policy-making responsibility for the editorial part of a blog.

3. a person primarily responsible for the editorial content of a blog.

2. a person who edits material for publication on blogs.
The role of the blogitor is similar to the role of the editor in periodical publications such as magazines. If you write and publish your own blog, you would be considered a blogitor. If you are responsible for your company's blog content, you would be considered a blogitor. If you manage the contributions of a number of authors for a blog, you would be considered a blogitor.
by BrainstormPartner April 23, 2011

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