1 definition by Brain from Terra Incognita

A brain infection that causes a person suffering from it to be physically incapable of admitting a mistake. Saying phrases such as "I was wrong" or "I must have misremembered" create an acute sensation of pain, so the sufferer will do everything they can to avoid speaking those words. A common symptom is the invention of fanciful theories about a Parallel Universe and/or Time Travel to explain away memory lapses. This is a communicable disease. As of yet a cure has not been discovered, though taking a break from one's smart phone and/or computer and taking a walk outside does seem to soften the severity of the symptoms somewhat.
Billy: Yo, what's up with Jimmy? Have you noticed that he can never admit when he's wrong about something, even when it's super obvious?
Zachariah: Don't be too hard on him, Billy, he has the Mandela Effect. His brain is all messed up.
Billy: Ouch, poor bastard! I guess I'm going to have to avoid him until he gets better -- the last thing I need right now is to catch that too.
Zachariah: Smart idea.
by Brain from Terra Incognita January 6, 2017