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A live streaming community of multiple streamers that showcases video games. Started on livestream.com but then moved to its own website.

The streamers are allowed to chat with the viewers on a chat beside the stream. Viewers usually make art for the stream based on what is being played. Crack Head Johnny is commonly spammed on the VineBooru and crappy windows paint drawings or photoshop.

Streamers include: Vinny, KY , MentalJen , Rev , Fred , Darren , Joel , Hootey and like 20 others. Sometimes guest streamers appear.
Guy 1 - "Man have you heard of Vinesauce?"
Guy 2 - "No, what the fuck is that?"
Guy 1 - "You are missing out."
by Boxcarjakey July 09, 2014
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When you fall and poop on the impact of the ground.
billy: i took a shlatter in the hallway going to algebra, it really hurt!
johnny: yeah i heard the janitors cleaned it up after a hour.
by Boxcarjakey December 09, 2013
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A godmother is a female godparent in the Christian tradition. Godmother may also refer to: A female arranged to be legal guardian of a child if untimely demise is met by the parents.
If your parents die one way or another
your god mother or father would take care of you.
by Boxcarjakey November 24, 2013
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