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to put in a half assed effort at something, but complete it. Often pertaining to work which is complete and pretending to have worked a long time on, when in fact little to no effort was put into it. Derived from deciding to not physically attend a meeting in, but rather to be present by phone only.
Even though he had a huge project due Friday, he went to a party and got hammered Thursday night. He totally phoned it in.
by Bonexaw December 26, 2005
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Internet slang, short for "Oh, sorry?". Used in the following ways; often sarcastic:
1. In response to someone who has said/pointed out that you did something wrong

2. In response to someone has confronted you about how you insulted them or aggressively disagreed with them

3. In response to a boring, nerdy comment you don't understand or care about (i.e. a peice of trivia)

4. In response to a comment that seems like overwhelming evidence proves that you are dead wrong

Occasionally some will respond to an "O sry?" comment with "ya sry" or "sry", but this is lame and not recommended.
1. A: Dude! Did you see this? There's an eye on the pyramid on the back of all these dollar bills!

B: O sry? I didn't see it

2. A: You're a fucking loser, A Cinderella Story was a shitty movie.

B: O sry. I shouldn't have forced you to watch it with me.

3. A: Yes, but did you all know that the word "catapult" is of Hungarian and French origin and roughly translates to blah blah blah......

B: O sry? I never learned anything as useless as that.

4. A: My aunt is friends with Lindsay Lohan's agent's sister, and she's said that Lindz is totally not a cokehead, so stfu.

by Bonexaw December 27, 2005
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