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a.)a sexual position where the man inserts a wooden spoon into the vaginal cavity and thrusts his fist into the anal passage.
b.)an I.Q test
a.) "Dude, I WOODCOCK JOHNSONED that hoe last night. Kitchen appliances have never worked in such ways!"
b.) "Okay now, I am going to give you the Woodcock Johnson. I will be video taping it for further studies."
by Bobbith Rizzle October 13, 2007
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The sexual position of which the woman throws her legs back over her head while laying on her stomach. The male performs normal vaginal intercourse, thus making the girl orgasm greatly, her moans making her stretch her neck in pleasure, resembling a giraffe.
1. "So dude, did you bang her hardcore or what?'
"Yeah man, we did a bunch of new positions. Such as the origami giraffe. It was crazy, dude. You should totally try it!"
"Thanks for the tip,I'll go try it out now!"

2. "Yo son,you do dat origami giraffe last night that shit was kick'n dawg.
"Yeah that bitch was moanin like a chicken,yeaahh boiii"
by Bobbith Rizzle October 13, 2007
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