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A small hamlet on the South Shore of Long Island. No one ever knows where Copiague is exactly though they have heard the name.
Ethnically and Socially diverse. Its a pretty chill place.

Awesome people come from Copiague, If you come from Copaigue you are probably cool, funny, entertaining, and usually not complete dumb asses or all of the above.

Divided into even small neighborhoods, there is the Venice, Copaigue Harbor (where tools and rich people usually live that don't let their kids associate with public school kids), Amity Harbor, The Styxs, North Amityville up past Sunrise Highway, and a bunch of other neighborhoods.
"Did you know he was from Copiague?"
"Really? Some ballin' ass niggas come from Copiague."
by BobDole1989 March 26, 2009

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