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One who lives in the United States of America, obeying the law, following community standards and ethics, paying taxes, speaking the language, exhibiting national pride, and following the ideals of the founding fathers: self-reliance, ingenuity, duty, responsibility, and RESPECT.
Domingo is an American: he makes an active effort to obey the laws of the land, pays his taxes instead of living on handouts, speaks English, and treats people with respect. He celebrates his Latin culture, but he's proud to be an American, and calls himself an American, not "hispanic-american", "multi-cultural", nor "mexican". Some day, Domingo is going to run for governor of California, and I'll vote for him.

Umbobo is from Nigeria, and although he lives in the United States, he lives under the assumed name "John Bobo", steals money from people, and considers America his personal toilet. He operates with impunity because he knows the law can't catch him, and they will just deport him if they do catch him, and he can just come back and shit on everyone some more. Umbobo is NOT an American, he is a piece of shit.

Jose is an undocumented migrant worker. Jose finds it easier and easier to skirt the law, and eventually outright break the law to suit his needs. Although there is a legal process for living and working in the United States, Jose chooses to do whatever benefits him the most instead. Jose sends his kids to public school and gets free healthcare at the county facility, but does not pay taxes. Jose engages in identityh theft by using someone else's Social Security Number to obtain employment illegally, and in some cases, he uses their personal information to sign up for bank accounts and credit cards. Why not help himself? He feels that since he lives here, he deserves it! 15 of Jose's closest relatives live with him in a 2 bedroom house, parking vehicles on the lawn and trashing out the neighborhood. Jose's kids have been brought up to disregard the law, and are arrested on a regular basis. Since Jose's oldest kids are also illegal, they just get released instead of incarcerated, because the cops don't want to fill out the extra paperwork, and the legal process to incarcerate illegals is too convoluted to follow. Jose knows that this is because his government, the mexican government, is closely involved in forming US policy regarding mexican illegals. Jose's kids are growing up to be competent and dangerous rapists, thieves, and murderers. Jose takes pride in his mexican heritage, and prominently displays a mexican flag in the back window of his truck. Jose feels that it's COMPLETELY UNJUST for him to be expected to put forth an effort or pay for services he receives. Although Jose LIVES in America, he is not an American. Jose is a parasite.
by Bob-American June 04, 2009

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