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A rich country with a mix of ex-pats from some parts of the world. The Kuwaiti people are snobby, some are really racist...specially against Indian and Philippians.

Its hot during the summer and chilly to the bare bones during the winter. Its wealth comes from Oil and sells a bitch load to the US and European countries. and other parts of the world.

Some bitches are hot in Kuwait...but the fat people stand out too much.

There are alot of people who are open minded, who travel and live abroad....those people are more notably known as "hathar" (7athar in kuwaiti araboo) which means those who do not hold on to traditional beliefs.

Oprah openly stated that she hated kuwaities. It was funny..A rich country, no tax, cheap ciggs, enough ganjah and alcohol to keep the people busy.....hey! i'd hate this mafuck'n country if i wasnt kuwaiti too.
Jack: Ay man are you mexican?

The Kuwaiti: nah brah i'm from Kuwait.

Jack: Awwh hella tight, cuz i was about to say...a mexican wearing Armani one day and polo the next...and a gucci wallet
by Bo Dictionary November 22, 2010

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A skinny looking twiggy gangsta niggra. Mostly well know for walking around shirtless with there concave chests and funny look'n big heads.
Nerdy black boy : man, theres seems to be far too many stick niggras in this side of town.

Nerdy white boy: Yeah man, that funny look'n one just ran across the street.
by Bo dictionary October 13, 2008

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A phrase that native americans use to reffer to the settlers that came off of the Mayflower.

strong heart: Hey black bear, these white people are stealing our corn. WTF!!, we worked all season.

Black bear: Yes, they are!. they must be fresh of the boat. We'll scalp them next season.
by Bo dictionary October 13, 2008

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