3 definitions by BluieChuie

A furry who acts similar to a femboy, whilst not being a femboy in any way.
Guy: You're such a femboy.
Guy_2: I'm more of a foxboy.
by BluieChuie May 7, 2022
The name of an epic furry YouTuber. Commonly a protogen, but sometimes something else. Very British, and also actually British. He is well known for his Youtube series called Epic Gaming, in which he plays the video game known as changed.
Man: I loved Babinator's newest video. It was so funny
Man_2: Me too, it was great.
by BluieChuie May 5, 2022
3waycrash is a furry artist that mainly creates art around the fetish of Transformation.
Dude: Did you see the new art 3waycrash uploaded on furaffinity.
Dude 2: No, I'm not into that shit you know this.
by BluieChuie June 27, 2021